Tech Spark is a youth tech and design school under the DRIVEN Accelerator Group Inc. umbrella. DRIVEN is a non-profit social enterprise created to improve the socio-economic status of youth, women, people of colour and newcomers through innovative technology based programming. The organization was formed in 2012 and developed by a group of nonprofit and corporate professionals who shared the belief that marginalized individuals deserve the opportunity to create successful businesses and careers in digital technology. Learn more about DRIVEN and its programming here

In 2012, Tech Spark was just an idea. The idea for a youth focused tech program sparked immediately after the launch of DRIVEN’s startup program. More than 80% of the technology used in everyday life are consumed by women and people of colour, and less than 1% of that group are behind the creation of that same technology. We knew if we wanted to create strong social impact, DRIVEN’s work must start with Toronto’s young people.

With the help of the Ontario Trillium Foundation and Access Alliance, Tech Spark launched in June 2015 as Canada’s first digital tech program connecting youth from underserved communities to meaningful education and career opportunities.

tech spark mandate

To increase digital literacy among youth from inner city communities, provide access to further education, employment and/or entrepreneurial opportunities. We are committed to the highest levels of programming and education quality.

tech spark vision

To foster significant growth in the number of marginalized and racialized youth responsible for the creation and development of digital technology related products and services.